NEED WORDS? Call me, Gary Hubbell. It's what I do. I've been many things in my life--a carpenter, painter, elk hunting guide, fly-fishing guide, rancher, farmer, wrestling coach, publisher--but first and foremost, I've always been a writer.

I grew up in Carbondale, Colorado, just down the road from Aspen, and learned at an early age that hard work has its rewards. My father was a school principal and a stone mason in the summers, and I joined him on the jobsite at 10 years old as his hodcarrier, mixing mortar and helping set up scaffolds. I used my wages to buy a cool 10-speed Schwinn bike. I spent my summers fishing in the river, playing baseball, and finding arrowheads on the mountain behind our house. It was a great way to grow up.

The families in our town were coal miners, ranchers, bankers, artists, and builders, ski instructors and loggers. There was a lot of history back then, families that had known each other for decades and had a lot of stories to tell. I listened. I heard about old cowboys riding the range, the mailman who skied across avalanche chutes to deliver the mail, the brakeman on the train that carried the block of marble for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier down the valley at 100 miles an hour. I learned about the old Italian families and how they imported railroad cars of grapes to make their own wine during the Depression, I learned how the Utes had been forced to leave the valley and left a curse on us. I listened and learned and worked, and when I was 13 years old I knew I would be a writer.

I graduated from CU-Boulder in 1985 with a B.A. in English, emphasis in creative writing, and have since written for dozens of newspapers and magazines. I'm known for writing tight, concise pieces with an accurate word count, flawless grammar and punctuation, and superb technical craft. If you assign me a 1,500-word story, I might submit 1,475 words or 1,525 words, but it sure won't be 3,000 words. Your editors will delight in the pieces I submit. I'll make their jobs easy.

My background gave me the tools to tell a story in simple terms that anyone can understand, but also to lend light, perspective, and understanding to a story. I'm not afraid to tell it like it is, either. I had to prove myself as a boy and a young man, and my record in fistfights is 30-2-1. That draw was a memorable battle, too, and my nose is crooked as a result. If you want the sugarcoated version, sure, I can do that, but why don't you leave that to the PC crowd? It's really not my style.

If you want the real story, the deep scoop, the hard news, and the analysis of what's coming next, give me the assignment. I've written about a wide range of topics: sculpture, restaurants, building techniques, fireplaces, artists, architects, wilderness trails, the U.S. Cavalry, Labrador retrievers, white-tailed ptarmigan, high-grade Spanish side-by-side shotguns, endangered rivers, horses' teeth, elk hunting, snowboarding, illegal immigration, politics, organic wines, cattle ranching, quail hunting, extreme skiing, the legacy of George W. Bush, Karl Rove, and Dick Cheney, and hunting dogs. I've edited and published 5 books and co-authored another two, and I'm working on several more.

I'm a guy who knows his way around, who knows how to talk to farmers and ranchers, who knows how to cut through the official line of b.s., who knows the back roads and the shortcut to the story.

Gary Hubbell
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