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Gary Hubbell: Aspen Times columnist,
Colorado Writer and Photographer, LOCATION SCOUT

A Colorado freelance writer and photographer since 1985, Gary Hubbell is known for his penetrating observations, his analysis of political and societal changes, and his knowledge of natural ecosystems. Gary has spent thousands of days in the field as a backcountry guide, wilderness outfitter, horseman, fly-fishing guide, and hunting guide. He's a naturalist and environmentalist who believes that we must carefully husband our precious natural resources. He's also kept his thumb on the pulse of American politics and society, and has been widely quoted in major national media.

WRITER, EDITOR, PUBLISHER A graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a B.A. in English with an emphasis in creative writing, Gary is known not only for his writing talents, but as a technically skilled wordsmith who rarely makes a grammatical, spelling, or punctuation error. Gary has edited and published five books through his publishing company, Clinetop Press. In 1999, Gary co-authored "Shadowcasting: An Introduction to the Art of Flyfishing" with John Dietsch, flyfishing production coordinator on the filming of "A River Runs Through It." The book won a 2000 Colorado Book Award and beat National Book Award winner Terry Grosz, author of "Wildlife Wars", for first prize. The snowboarding book that Gary co-authored with Rob Gracie, "Catching Air", was published by Sports Illustrated for Kids and Scholastic and sold 250,000 copies. Gary edited, photographed, and published two groundbreaking books on Labrador retrievers, "The Labrador Shooting Dog" and "The Pointing Labrador".

PHOTOGRAPHER Concurrently, Gary developed his skills as a photographer, and has sold photography to national and international commercial clients, including Honda, Seiko, Ford Motor Company, Santa Cruz snowboards, Fenwick fishing gear, AT&T, Land Rover, K2 Skis, and many others. Gary's articles and photos have been published by The Denver Post, The Rocky Mountain News, Newsweek, Outside, Shooting Sportsman, Bugle (magazine of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation), Sporting Classics, Blackpowder Guns and Hunting, Western Horseman, Aspen Sojourner, Aspen Magazine, North American Hunter, US Weekly, and Playboy.

OPINION MAKER In 1995, in response to his well-reasoned letters to the editor at The Aspen Times, mostly involving environmental causes, Gary was asked to become a full-time columnist for the newspaper. His opinions have been based on solid reasoning, though many times his opinions have been unpopular with some, while wildly popular with others. He presaged the groundswell of the illegal immigration debate with columns as early as 1997. Gary expressed his dismay with rampant overdevelopment in the Aspen and Roaring Fork Valley area in the early 1990's. He predicted $3 a gallon gasoline as early as 2004--when gasoline was $1.65 a gallon--and foretold the impending housing crisis in 2005.

QUOTABLE In February, 2008, Gary wrote a column for the Aspen Times that garnered a firestorm of national attention. "In Election 2008, Don't Forget the Angry White Man," described a bloc of white male voters and their negative feelings toward Hillary Clinton's candidacy. The power of the internet became immediately evident, as the column circulated around the United States in a few days. On February 19, 2008, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh (a program with 20 million listeners) read the column in its entirety on his program, and other talk show hosts, including Sean Hannity and Neal Boortz, covered the topic. Gary was invited to appear on nationally syndicated radio shows with Lars Larson and Glenn Beck, and was subsequently invited to appear on Glenn Beck's show on CNN. Mr. Hubbell has been quoted on this column and other issues on National Public Radio, in the Chicago Tribune, The Rocky Mountain News, The Aspen Times, and Sports Afield magazine. He has been featured in programs on The Outdoor Life Network and the Altitude Sports Network.

LOCATION SCOUT Mr. Hubbell has worked as a location scout, location manager, and animal wrangler for various film productions, photo shoots, and commercials. Gary Hubbell specializes in finding scenic mountain locations, negotiating permits with government agencies, and providing horses and other animals for Colorado productions.

OTHER INTERESTS A former wilderness outfitter in Marble, Colorado, offering guided fly-fishing trips, horseback rides, hunting trips, and overnight pack trips, Gary sold his business in 2007. He is now starting a career as a ranch real estate broker, with an emphasis on preservation and conservation of productive ranchland. Mr. Hubbell is still an active writer, columnist, and photographer. He is a skilled horseman, an authority on hunting dogs, an excellent skier, and a flyfisherman. Mr. Hubbell is a passionate advocate for conservation--yes, he's an environmentalist--the Second Amendment, wilderness experiences for young and old, and preserving hunting as an American tradition.

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